Thursday, September 20, 2012


Look at these sweet faces!


They all have something in common.

They've all been listed on Reece's Rainbow.

They've all waited for a family to make them their own.

For several, that family was on the way!

But, the life of an orphan is hard.

For these little ones, it was too hard...

They all passed away.  


For those who have been here before, I warned you.

I want to break your heart - but in a good way.

I want the lives of these little ones to MATTER.

I want people to know they lived.


Children waiting for a family to choose them.

Families waiting for funds to proceed.

Courts waiting for paperwork to arrive.

So much waiting...

And sometimes, it's just too late.

This is Ekaterina.

It's NOT too late for her.

She is waiting.

This holiday season I'm going to be Ekaterina's "Christmas Warrior".

That means I'm going to send her picture far and wide and ask you to send it on also.

Because, she MATTERS!

One little girl, far away, who's waited 8 years to be someone's chosen child!

How many of us have waited 8 years for anything, let alone, a family?

As Ekaterina's Christmas Warrior I will yell for her but I am also hoping to ease the way for her family by raising a bit of her ransom.  It's my goal to add at least $1000 to her adoption grant by Christmas.

Here's the fun part! I'm doing a GiveAway! For a donation to Ekaterina's grant OR for sharing her info on Facebook/Blog/Twitter you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Gift Card of your choice- just in time for last minute shopping! A donation of any size=1 entry, sharing=1 entry, purchase her ornament ($35 donation)=3 entries, donate to her and one other child of your choice on the Angel Tree ( entries!
When you've made you donation, email me a copy of your receipt (it will have your address but no financial info except the donation amount) and I will get you entered! Message me or comment to get the email address. The drawing will be done on Sunday, Dec. 16th but Angel Tree donations are accepted through Dec. 31st. All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Hold her in your heart.  Keep her in your prayers.

Spread the word.

"Do you know someone who could be her mama?"

"She's waiting..."


  1. Hi Sharon. I found your blog through "Micah Six Eight" and was so glad--Ekaterina is a child that tugs at my heart. So I have donated $10 to her, and if you tell me the email address I will forward to receipt. I also donated to Emmitt and Erika.

  2. Could you reply again with your email (I won't publish it) and then I will send you my email? Thanks so much for donating!