Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"I have a mama and a daddy!"

We are having technical difficulties with our computer charging system so, 
here's hoping I can get this post up!

Visit- Day 2

We were so excited to see that both Ethan and Elaina were more settled today.
Ethan came in to the morning visit calm- no yelping and ready to come to us and play on his own initiative.

Elaina was not as frantic about having everyone's attention at the same time.
We've been asked how much the children understand about what's happening to them-
Elaina understands enough because she tells everyone she sees that she has a mama and daddy here.
The social worker told us, the pediatrician told us and her Baba told us.
Apparently, she's pretty excited about us!

We are having to work a little to get everyone out of the "rut" of yesterday and trying new things.

Dan and I are making a conscious effort to switch things up because Elaina is very 
good at keeping things to her liking.  
I think she has learned that men pick her up when she asks and women, not so much.
She goes right for Dan every visit and hauls him into the ball pit.
I am Ethan's go-to parent.

I'm really excited to see that Ethan is much more willing to get up on his feet and walk.
He is also more competent than he first appeared.
He was able to step over the lip of the ball pit- maybe 8 to 10 inches- with just a hand hold.
He's not really sure what to do once he gets in there and 
does a lot of squealing and chucking of balls.
Today I showed him how to throw them up the slide and let them roll down and he was excited about that. 
I always clap and "Bravo" whenever he does anything.
Now he will grab my hands and make them clap for him.

Elaina is enjoying the camera we brought for her.  
(Thanks, Javon, for sharing your Christmas gift with her!)
Her posing could use a bit of work since most of her pictures are of legs, feet and floors but she gets it and is enjoying taking pictures of the different people who come into the room.

The afternoon visit was interesting.
After the morning being yelp-free for the most part, Ethan came in a little more "twitchy".
He started out yelping and he has some occasional tremors and 'tics'.
Fortunately, they didn't last long and he was very interested in some of the new things we brought.

Before lunch,
(which for me was an interesting pizza- flat bread, no sauce, cheese, peas, corn, peppers, olives, mushrooms.  Just FYI)
Dan and i went to a toy store and bought a little stacking toy.
We'd been told he has one at school that he's pretty obsessive about 
so I thought it might grab his attention.
He was somewhat interested but what really grabbed him 
were the wooden stringing beads!
Oh. my. gosh!
Can that boy string beads!
He is just full of surprises!
Again, Elaina had no interest.  
If it doesn't involve physical activity, bubbles or something cute-sy it's not really her thing.

Unless it's FOOD!
We brought some of the toddler, squeezable yogurts.
It's a good thing I have several because they will not forget that experience any time soon!
Ethan actually sucked his down faster than she did.
And then he just kept sucking.
And sucking....
and sucking!
Dan said he was afraid to take it from him- 
much like you'd fear taking a bone from a junk yard dog!
Elaina kept taking it out of her mouth and gesturing that she wanted us 
to make more of it.
Sorry honey, when you've sucked the bag inside out it's over!

At the end of the visit Elaina's baba stopped by to meet us.
She has been with her for almost 5 years.  
When she first arrived, Elaina couldn't even sit up.
She had many self-harming behaviors- head banging, pulling her hair out...
To see that she has gone from that to the out-going and oh-so-smart girl that she is has much to do with this baba.
There is no way to thank her enough.
I'm hoping she has email so that I will be able to keep in touch and share her "home" journey.

Tomorrow we will take both of them out to have photos taken.
That should be an adventure!
A little taste of "gotcha" day...

***Stay tuned for more***

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  1. ETHAN!!! What an AWESOME blessing to find him able to stand and also play with those beads! Amazing!

    I am so excited for you guys and praying for you...leaving will be hard but know that the LORD has these kiddos in HIS hands...your job is to get home and get that next piece of paperwork filed, and before too long you will be back for gotcha day!!!

    love in Jesus!!!